Borderline Cardiomegaly

Borderline CardiomegalyThis is a type of ailment that leads to the enlargement of the heart, the condition is usually mild or serious in nature and it is recommended that you seek medical attention, so that the tests can be done to determine the level of progression of the condition. X-ray test is one or the tests that is done and with this the doctor is able to give you proper diagnosis and ensures that you are given the appropriate treatments that will remedy the situation. In mild cases there are treatments that can be given which includes prescription drugs and change of lifestyles so that you don’t attract heart disease complications. The lifestyles will be majorly based on the diet that you take and other natural remedies of treating cardiomegaly. When the condition is detected early then it is possible for your enlarged heart to be restored to its original size, but when it is detected in the advance stages you will be put on a tedious treatments procedures which some may include surgery or heart transplant which will prevent heart failure.

Factors that Causes Borderline Cardiomegaly- inflammation of the heart muscles, unhealthy lifestyles that are centered on alcohol consumption and smoking, nutritional deficiencies, heart valve complications and pregnant women who develop complications because of enlarged heart, family history of cardiomegaly can also be a cause, thyroid disorders and weakening of the heart because of its inefficiency to function.
Borderline Cardiomegaly
Symptoms of Borderline Cardiomegaly: In most cases the symptoms will vary from one person to another depending on the progression of the condition in your body. They are fatigues and general weakness because the heart is not able to pump enough blood to the vital organs around the body, difficulty in breathing because of the enlarged heart, shortness of breath because the body system lacks enough oxygen, fainting in some cases because of lack of oxygen in the essential organs like the brain ,Irregular heartbeats because the heart works overtime to function, swelling of the legs because of fluid retention, congestion in the vital organs like liver, kidney and chest. The condition is diagnosed through a number of tests based on your medical history; x-rays are done which will determine how the heart functions and the muscle strengths. In some cases an echocardiogram is used which works like an ultrasound and shows images of the heart.

Treatments are given in form of drugs which are specifically design to handle the enlargement of the heart and bring restoration, surgery and heart transplants are also other treatments options given to patients with borderline cardiomegaly

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