Cardiomegaly Symptoms

Cardiomegaly SymptomsCardiomegaly is defined medically as the condition of an enlarged heart. It affects both children and adults and it is very risky and needs urgent medical attention. The causes for this condition include, coronary heart disease, weakening of the heart, high stress levels, and anemia. Depending on age and the general health condition, the doctor is able to outline a course of treatment to be undertaken by the patient. In this condition the heart is not able to pump blood that is carrying oxygen to other body parts and hence the body will experience very low oxygen levels and the symptoms below clearly shows that.

Symptoms: Once the condition worsens you will begin to feel the symptoms as thy manifest in your body system, it is important to be well informed about the disease so that you can make a wise decision when need arises.

Heart Beat: The patient will experience an irregular heartbeat which is a clear sign that the heart is not functioning properly and a visit to the cardiologist will be helpful in determining the causes of the symptoms.

Breathing problems: This is because when the heart is not able to function well by pumping blood to the vital organs of the body, then the body system will lack enough oxygen. When this happens then person will experience shortness of breath and dizziness because of the lack of oxygen. It is suggested that seeking medical attention is the best for clear diagnosis.
Cardiomegaly Symptoms
Fatigue: When the heart is weakened because it’s not functioning well, the body will begin to show some symptoms of fatigue. They will lack the strength for doing any physical activity and that is a sign that scheduling an appointment with your doctor is required.

Swelling: This is experienced on the legs and ankles. It is very painful and may cause you to have difficulty to walk around as it causes a lot of discomfort to you.

Pulse changes: When your heart is enlarging, your pulse will show some drastic changes in movement and this is one way that cardiologists use to determine if one has cardiomegaly.

Heart disease are affects many people around the world and it is important that you live a healthy lifestyle by not engaging in too much drinking and smoking, eat healthy foods that don’t have lots of fats and high cholesterol levels, fruits are recommended because they carry enough nutrients for the body. Lastly you should always go for regular medical checkups.

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