Cardiomegaly Treatment

Cardiomegaly TreatmentCardiomegaly is a condition whereby the heart enlarges and is not able to function properly. It is an indication of a disease and it is highly recommended that as soon as you start experiencing the symptoms that you should seek medical attention so that your doctor can undertake procedures to remedy the situation. It affects both children and adults and some of the risk factors that may bring cardiomegaly is when you have a family history of the condition, your diet especially if you take a lot of fatty food and high cholesterol levels and when you have high blood pressure that is above 140/90. When the heart enlarges, the body suffers from lack of oxygen because it is unable to function properly by transporting oxygen to the vital body organs.

Main Causes: The enlarging of the heart is very risky and the causes are severe anemia, pregnancy, high stress levels, thyroid disorders and coronary heart disease and weakening of the heart also causes one to have cardiomegaly.

Symptoms of an Enlarged Heart: Once the symptoms begin to manifest then medical attention is urgently required, they are dizziness, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, swelling of the feet and ankles, unusual heart beat , abnormal pulse rate, fainting and chest pains in some cases. Visiting a doctor for proper check up is the best step to take to ensure that further complications don’t arise.
Cardiomegaly Treatment
Diagnosis: During the doctor’s visit, you will be asked questions that will help in determining the cause of the cardiomegaly. Medical history is very vital in unraveling the facts about the condition. Echocardiogram test is done which will clearly show the activities of the heart with clear images. An x-ray procedure also helps in determining the condition of the heart and for the doctors to check the extent of the enlargement for the right treatments to be started.

Cardiomegaly Treatments: After diagnosis the doctor will prescribe drugs that should be taken which are meant to reduce the fluid retention in the body that is causing edema. Digoxin aids the heart to pump and reduces the high blood pressure that is caused by the condition. In some cases the cardiologist will insert a pace maker in the heart and this is when the drugs given are not working well in the system. Surgery is also another option of treatment of heart enlargement and it is important that you enlist qualified specialists to handle your case. When most of the treatments have failed a heart transplant procedure can be undertaken.

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