What is Cardiomegaly?

CardiomegalyCardiomegaly is simply a medical term that is used by medical practitioners to describe the condition of heart enlargement. It is a pointer that the body is suffering from an illness that requires medical care. It is important to have some basic knowledge on the disease so that you are able to seek for proper treatment and care before complications deepens. Health experts continue to stress on the need for regular checks which is able to identify any ailments while still in its early stages hence its cure and eradication.

Causes of Cardiomegaly: This condition has various causes and it is important that you seek medical attention; the main causes include pregnancy, coronary artery disease, weakening of the heart, stress and severe anemia. It is a clear indication that one is suffering from a major ailment that needs immediate professional help. Once the condition is detected and proper treatments are given then you are able to resume your normal healthy living.

Symptoms: They include dizziness and swelling of feet and ankles, abnormal heart beat, fatigue, thickening of the heart muscles, shortness of breath, coughs, edema and tender chest. Seeking an appointment with your doctor is the next step so that you are taken care of before further complications. When professional help is not sought on time, cardiomegaly can lead to other problems like congenital heart disease, heart murmurs, high blood pressure and in some extreme cases cardiac arrest. These conditions are a threat to life and should not be taken lightly.

Cardiomegaly Cardiomegaly Cardiomegaly
Prevention: The proven way to prevent cardiomegaly is to seek immediate medical attention. Look for a reputable doctor who has dealt with the same cases on many occasions. Information about the doctors can be found by checking your local directory for listed names of doctors who specialize in heart diseases. You can inquire from friends, family members and co-workers for references on the best heart specialist in your location. When treatment is started during the early stages of the heart condition, then it will be effective and the patient will heal faster. In some serious cases you will have to undergo an operation to correct cardiomegaly.

Treatments: there are various forms of treatments for cardiomegaly; doctors will choose the best option based on the progression of the condition. The drugs that will be prescribed include diuretics which are designed to remove excess water and sodium from the body. Digoxin which slows the heart beat rate and in some cases surgery is highly recommended.

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