What Is Mild Cardiomegaly

Mild CardiomegalyCardiomegaly is a medical term for enlarged heart and it is usually a clear pointer that there is some underlying heart complications that need urgent medical address. Mild cardiomegaly is when the heart slightly enlarges. It is important that medical procedures be undertaken so that the problems can be treated because if left unattended then it may lead to serious heart conditions which may eventually cause heart failure.

Causes of Mild cardiomegaly: When a heart muscle is damaged it can lead to the enlargement of the heart. This is serious as it can cause heart attacks because there is no proper flow of blood and oxygen in the heart. The heart muscle when damaged can expand and this will cause it to enlarge and bring more complications. Hyperthrophy is a cause of mild heart enlargement and is a medical term that is used to describe a condition where the an organ in the body enlarges causing mild cardiomegaly. It causes the blood pressure to increase and the heart will have to work overtime to pump blood all over the body, this rise in pressure may cause mild heart enlargement. The doctor will prescribe medications that will help reduce the blood pressure because it is harmful to the proper functioning of the heart.

Mild Cardiomegaly
Other Causes: Congestive heart failure is a cause for mild cardiomegaly, this is because the heart works harder to circulate blood to the body and when there is no enough blood in the system for circulation, the heart suffers. This condition is caused by narrowed arteries,high blood pressure and infections of the heart. The doctor will prescribe appropriate drugs that will remedy the condition and also advice on the need for proper diets. Left Ventricular hypertrophy is a medical term for a condition that affects the lower chamber of the heart. This side majorly controls the pumping functions of the heart and when the blood is forced to pump, it may enlarge the chamber. The doctors recommend surgery to enable the correction of the heart valves. Cardiomyopathy is a ailment that is caused by inflammation of the heart muscles. When this happenes, the muscles become weak and this will not enable the heart to properly circulate blood all over the body.

An enlarged heart should be treated with seriousness because if care is not taken may lead to further risky complications.When you experince the signs of cardiomegaly, you will visit the doctor who will request for an xray test to check for any irregularities in the heart. When the results are not clear, then an echocardiogram is done and this is like an ultrasound whereby the doctor will be able to see clear images of the heart and how it functions including the heart beat rates.

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